Updates & Roadmap

This roadmap lists features only, it does not include bug fixes.

October 08, 2018 Published pages with a dash (“-“) in the name return a 404 error page

September 25, 2018 Links created with the inline text editor cause the content to remain editable on published pages in certain cases

September 17, 2018 FTP uploads end up breaking the markup in certain cases

September 13, 2018 Style editor uses double quotes within double quotes when applying inline CSS (background-image)

September 03, 2018 Global block changes don’t save properly and other quirks with the Global block functionality

August 23, 2018 Global block changes don’t save properly and other quirks with the Global block functionality

August 21, 2018 Custom domain publishing on a subdomain is not working

August 12, 2018 Frame toolbars don’t work properly in mobile view (now hidden in mobile view mode)

July 26, 2018 “Remember me” functionality not working properly

July 17, 2018 Expand the block customization options in the Editor

July 11, 2018 Community Forum officially launched!

July 09, 2018 Link modification messes up links in custom domain publishing (“:” ends up being stripped from “http://”)

July 04, 2018 The Stripe secure payment is activated on premium accounts

July 03, 2018 The pricing packages are updated based on users suggestions

June 29, 2018 Minor issues related to the page builder editor

June 26, 2018 40 popular Google Fonts are added in the Text editor

June 21, 2018 Musepages website builder officially launched! Hooray!

New feature Multi-language blocks and block variations

New feature Custom CSS for blocks / components / elements

New feature Support for modal windows/popups in the page builder

New feature Clone individual pages inside the page builder

New feature Allow end-users to set the height of the blocks

New feature Better image editing – allow users to resize images inline – basic image editing and effects (using Froala)

New feature Redesign the Users admin panel

New feature Implement a (basic) form builder

New feature Integrate unplash API to allow end-users access to the entire library to use in their pages

New feature Undo/redo functionality in the page builder

New feature Integrate auto responders / mailing software to connect with forms

New feature Implement a proper dashboard with app metrics

New feature Implement animations inside blocks (animate.css) and allow animations to be configured through the page builder

New feature Redo the component section of the page builder and add more components

New feature Use the default page name for the TITLE tag

New feature Additional blocks / block features

New feature Allow users to preview templates before using them

New feature Stop using inline CSS for element styling – add STYLE sections in HEAD instead

New feature Keep the entire blocks ACTIVE when the cursor is still on the block

New feature Explore redoing the style editor and allow all attributes by default

New feature More flexible URL routing for custom block situations

New feature E-commerce implementation – first phase

New feature Basic blogging functionality

New feature Allow for additional icon libraries to be added to the page builder

New feature Proper favicon support

New feature Implementation of global styles and/or color schemes

New feature Social signups (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

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